4 Manos Y Cinco Volcanes (cacao )

4 Manos Y Cinco Volcanes Cacao is a heart opener. A storyteller. Where you will be able to begin to understand the importance of connection within your life.

Welcoming you to this space of connection and love. It is here that you will meet something beautiful and begin your journey with her. This is cacao of the East. Grown single origin in volcanic soils of Mauna Kea’s active volcano on the big island of Hawaii, she has taken her time to come to us and I am blessed by my Teacher (through their lineages and traditions of Hopi, Lakota and Apache) to bring you this special plant medicine, as cacao slowly makes her way to those that wish to know her. 

This is not for everybody. It is a calling that is rich and rare for the hearts that feel her love and wish to know and share her compassion.